Titles Available for Purchase

  • PWR! Moves Package - August 2020

    12 videos  |   Buy $24.99

    If you like the PWR! Moves you will enjoy all these classes which originally aired in July 2020!!

  • Boxing Class Package - August 2020

    12 videos  |   Buy $24.99

    Boxing is a great workout for people with Parkinson's!

    Our classes include a warm up.
    Then the high intensity portion includes boxing combinations mixed with agility and other exercises to increase your heart rate! We make sure to include some core strengthening and then we cool down.

    It's a gr...

  • High Intensity Interval Class Package - Aug 2020

    12 videos  |   Buy $24.99

    Our High Intensity Interval Classes are the perfect combo of aerobic exercise + skill based training! This is what the research shows to be beneficial and our class members say these are some of the most challenging classes they have tried!

  • Cardio Class with Equipment! August 2020

    9 videos  |   Buy $24.99

    Do you have a piece of equipment at home that is collecting dust or serving as a convenient place to put your clothes?

    Aerobic exercise is one of the most researched and important types of exercise for people with Parkinson's. Join us for great workouts incorporating intervals to keep things in...