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11-17-20 PWR Moves - TightRope Tuesdays!

PWR! Moves Best of 2020! • 1h 1m

Up Next in PWR! Moves Best of 2020!

  • 11-18-20 PWR Moves + Strength

    Our newest class! We love the PWR! Moves and we don't want to give them up, but we do want to incorporate more strengthening exercises into our PWR! Moves Class.

    So welcome to PWR! Moves + Strength!

    We will still do most of our basic PWR! Moves plus some of our variations in our typical positio...

  • 11-19-20 PWR Moves - Tranquil Thursdays!

    General plan for the class: We start in sitting, the move up into standing then down on the floor! Each position is very important and beneficial! I encourage you to do the whole class!

    Remember - modify as needed. Don't do anything that doesn't feel safe. Use support as needed during standing e...

  • 1-9-21 Floor Based *Special Edition


    Do you have stenosis? Low back pain? Notice forward flexion at your hips, or some bending forward throughout your trunk?

    We realized there was a need for a PWR! Moves Floor Class that starts on our back, then stomach (with support under the hips to decrease low back pain) and then all 4s. ...